BLUES deluxe is a Columbia South Carolina based 4 piece blues band offering a rich mix of creative original songs, hidden blues gems and interesting takes on blues classics.  With a mission to keep your foot tapping and ensure that you dont hear the same 15 songs you heard from the last bar band you saw, you are sure to be entertained.  And although you may not hear Mojo Working trust me it is and it will work on you.

John Hartness: Guitars and Vocals Blythewood, South Carolina

Introduced to music at a young age, John embraced blues and roots music.With early inspirations from Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy and John Lee Hooker, he blended his finger style guitar playing with the likes of Doc Watson and Chet Atkins into a unique acoustic style all his own. Later on, John also embraced the `Electric` blues and studied the works of the masters, Muddy Waters, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. John attributes his resurgence into music from the inspiration and encouragement of Mac Arnold and all the members of Plate Full O`Blues.

DJ May: Harmonica and Vocals Ontario, Canada

David `DJ` grew up in northern Canada and is new to the Columbia music scene. He is a self taught harp player and draws inspiration from many of the greats Sonny Boy, Little Walter, George Smith, Jason Ricci as well as some little known personal influences like Charlie Moore, Dave Thompson and the incomparable Nate Myers. He lives by the belief that if there is blues your heart, there is heart in your blues

Rick Ramsey: Bass Guitar Irmo, South Carolina

Ricky Ramsey has been a musician for over 40 years, a bass guitar player for at least 35 years. Prior to playing bass guitar he played the drums until attending a Larry Graham concert where he fell in love with the bass guitar. As an experienced musician, he has played with several local groups. Over the past 30 years he`s been playing for his church.

James Bubba Casey: Percussion Columbia, South Carolina

James was born in Columbia South Carolina and grew up listening to Doo Whop, Blues, R&B, Rock & Roll and Jazz music. His first musical aspiration was to play the saxophone because most songs back in the day had soulful saxophone solos in them. Unfortunately, when he got to Jr. High School and signed up to take band, all of the school`s saxophones had been rented out. With his father unwilling to fork out money for a sax and the only instrument available for rent was a drumJames was a drummer and has been drumming ever since. His first gig with a band came in high school when his former Jr. High band teacher called on him to fill in for his drummer who had gotten sick. Having never played with a live band before, he really enjoyed that experience and the rest is history.

James has played with some popular groups in the midlands spanning the seventies and eighties such as Julius Cobb, Gerald Isreal & the Soul Ambassadors, Cornelius Crawford and the Persians. James learned very early on, that the biggest contribution a drummer can make is to keep the groove in the pocket.